Peek in the kitchen
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Peek in the kitchen

At night, we arrived at the place of Priit‘s parents – a house with big garden full of fruit bushes and trees. We enjoyed stuffing goose berries, white, red, and black current directly from the bushes into our mouthes. We all loved a small outdoor pool with warm water – for the adults to to sit in. The kids even dived a little. The girls had a lot of fun playing with Ats, Iti, and their cousin Ingmar on swings, trampoline or a hammock. They even went to the close-by beach alone. We were so busy talking that it was already midnight when we went to bed. Getting to know the family and hearing about their views on political topics was just too interesting.

For breakfast the next day, we were served a hotel-like breakfast: scrambled eggs, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, berries, cherries, yoghurt drink, cookies, all kinds of sweet cereal *wow* Afterwards, we played at the beach right around the corner *nice*

In the afternoon, we explored a maritime museum in Tallinn. We entered a submarine and a big ship there or put on sailors‘ clothes. It wasn‘t easy to keep all 6 kids together.

For dinner, we ate out in an old industry building: sweet potato French fries, mushroom rissotto, pumpkin/chickpea balls. The night we spent at an Air B‘nB flat owned and rented out by Priit‘s dad.

For breakfast, the next day, we went to a food market and mall. We got dough pockets filled with carrot, cabbage, Leberwurst, and spinach. Quite many of the forest raspberries we had bought were dried up or moldy or had worms. The blueberries were bitter. During our breakfast on a bench just in front of the market, a pretty big brown mouse with a black line on its back visited us frequently. That was super nice to observe.

Then we explored the Old Town: Russian Cathedrale, Parliament House, and a walk over the city wall and in towers. One of the towers was called „Kiek in de Kök“, which means „peek into the kitchen“ because when you where in this pretty high tower you could check out the kitchens of the buildings around =o)

In and around the towers, we looked at armours, costumes, games, canons. The underground Bastion Tunnels were pretty dark, wet and cold. They were built in the 17th and 18th century and used as a bomb shelter in World War II.

On our way through the Old Town, we actually walked on our family street: Lai Tee ;o)

On Lai street was Oleviste Kirik. We climbed around 260 steps up to the top of the church tower for a very nice view over the city. Our legs and feet were super tired when we arrived back in the flat.

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