Hiking through bogs
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Hiking through bogs

Today, we hiked through forests and over planks through bogs. The big pools filled with rain water were really large and beautiful, especially in contrast to the green plants. We saw many lizards and picked blueberries.

During a short break on a fallen tree, I happened to find chanterelles. In the end, everybody found some along the trail on the way back to the car.

We stopped in Käsmu. There, we went on a small hike through dead (and very stinky!!!) sea weed and the Baltic Sea over prickly rocks and sandy beach.

At another access point to the sea, Alan, Erna and Magda swam a bit.

We already had been bitten by mosquitoes many times by the sea. We collected a lot more bites at a rest area in the forest, maintained by the government. There were roofed huts to eat or sleep in, potty toilets, fire wood. So we started our own little fire for a very special and delicious mushroom dinner.

After dinner, we talked to some German and Austrian campers and the girls got to play with their dogs *nice*

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