Beach side ride
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Beach side ride

This morning, we were still uncertain, also because of the forecasted cloudy weather, whether to go to a city or a beach, and which one!?

Stop! sheep on the road

Eventually, we ended up in Porto San Paolo where we could take an inexpensive ferry for a sightseeing tour along the coast and some smaller islands. Unfortunately, by the time we were done with our preparations, the only ferry that wouldn‘t go directly to one island but along the coast had left 30 min earlier.

After lots of rethinking, we decided to stay on the rocky beach of Porto San Paolo and book horseback riding that we had come across on the way for the afternoon.

The beach was too rocky. Therefore we moved to a very nice and clean sand beach in San Teodoro with crystal clear, turquoise blue shallow water, right next to the horse ranch. No wonder, this beach was much more crowded and again, full of Germans.

Only one of the horse guides spoke English. He showed us fish jumping out of water, flamingoes and explained to us the plants that we passed. That’s how we learned that ‚mirto‘ was the Sardinian blueberry, growing in the mountains.

Wilma and I rode on Nigeria, Erna on Tuja, Magda on a horse that was actually smaller than Erna‘s.

All of our three horses were put on a leash held by a rider each in front of our horses. Alan rode alone on Talisman. The horses were super calm.

We were allowed to park on the ranche‘s parking lot for the night. The workers closed the gate at 8 pm, but we didn‘t have any other plans than our own dinner. And the gate would be opened again at 6 am so we could leave on time for the ferry. We were even offered to park at the bosse‘s place but didn‘t feel like driving on. They gave us tips where to spend the next night even *super nice*

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