Costa Smeralda
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Costa Smeralda

This morning we were perfectly on time for the boat tour along the Costa Smeralda. The water was again so clear and light blue, like a natural swimming pool.

After riding along the coast with its nice rock formations for some time, we actually got to swim with the fish in this big pool, close to Isola Molara. Magda and even Erna also swam a bit on their own. For Erna it was the first time swimming in the sea where it is so deep that she couldn‘t stand *amazing*

The boat toured on very closely along the cliffs of the biggest island in this area – Tavolara.

We spent some time hiking and playing by the beach on Tavolara before we took another shorter boat ride back to Porto San Paolo.

It was quite difficult to get into the city of Olbia because a rallye took place and some main roads were closed. We parked at a grocery store – pretty much the only parking lot available. We shopped for some Sardinian ice-cream, pasta (sea shell shape) and cheese.

We went to a small archeological museum because it was free. It displayed parts of a Roman boat, Roman and Greek pottery found in the sea.

Again, the city was not that amazing. We got pizza to eat by a playground under a car bridge.

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