From West to East
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From West to East

sea cucumber

On the way to Bosa, we lost Wilma‘s jacket that we had forgotten on the rear rack where we had put it to dry. A car going behind us, honked. We didn‘t understand but we happened to stop at a look-out point anyway and the other car stopped to tell us about the jacket. Alan found it not too far from our stop. Cars were trying to go around the jacket. Still, one button was broken.

To us, Bosa was not really worth a visit. We decided to skip visiting the fortress. Climbing up and down the hill where the fortress was located seemed like enough fun for us. That‘s why we luckily experienced today‘s heavy shower on the road to the West coast.

view from the fortress hill

Here, we were told to find another cave ‚Cala Luna‘ by the small town Cala Gonone. We talked to many different companies offering boat tours to the beaches and caves. In the end, we didn‘t feel like spending so much money and a whole day for a second similar cave and beaches.

Eventually, we found a place to camp in Galtelli, next to a cemetery. Two light dogs – a mom and her big puppy – followed us everywhere. They were cute but also a bit annoying as the little one played biting our calves and we actually didn‘t want to get too close as we couldn‘t tell what diseases these straying dogs might carry.

On a small walk around, I suddenly saw a lemon rolling in front of me down the hill *rolling, rolling, rolling – yeah* I finally caught it and we used it for our sword fish dinner and our water. The lemon tree where some woman had just picked some fruits smelled wonderful.

The women were busy decorating the pillars with boughs and buntings crossed the streets in preparation of tomorrow‘s national holiday.

On our evening walk, we met a woman who told us that the local Sardinian language was actually Sardo. She spoke Spanish as she was originally from Peru.

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