Catalan city
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Catalan city

We parked at the port of Alghero, where Alan discovered a fish market. Some of the fish and lobsters were still alive, but without any water. I found that very cruel. Alan was rather happy about the freshness of the fish. He cooked one slice of some kind of sword fish. That was very delicious.

We spent a long time at the tourist office because the women gave us so detailed information.

We started with Grotto di Nettuno (Neptune‘s Cave), about 40 min West of Alghero. The name derives from the people‘s believe that the cave was Neptune‘s home. It was discovered by fishermen and opened to the public in 1950. Stalagtites take 100 years to grow 1 cm from above, stalagmites take 200-300 years.

We took 654 steps down to get to the cave. Wilma had found 1 Euro in Milan. Now, on the hike to the cave, she said „It smells like money“ and started searching. In the end, there was really money in the pools of the cave ;o)

When we came out, a thunderstorm was going on, making it quite cozy to wait at the exit, sheltered under rocks.

When we finally decided to walk up, the rain wasn‘t as bad as it had looked like. It was rather comfortable on the strenuous hike up. When the rain turned into pouring, we first wanted to take some shelter. But then lightning struck right in front of us into the rock or a cable in the rock, we decided to run all the way up. We were dripping wet but not hurt. 

Since other points to visit were closed, our next stop was a large area of interconnected towers, everything built of big rocks – Palmavera Nuraghe. The towers served as watch and defense towers.

Palmavera Nuraghe

Our kids had a lot of fun exploring the different chambers and finding their way out of the maze. However, the watching woman shouted at them that running was forbidden here – „too dangerous!“

medieval bridge

Evening walk through Alghero, even the churches were still open.

Complesso monumentale San Francesco

We had pizza on the city wall.

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