Arriving on Sardinia
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Arriving on Sardinia

I had woken up every hour, Alan had bearly slept at all. The kids were just woken up too early because we thought we were about to arrive. In the end, it took another almost 2 hours until we left the ferry. We spent the time in a small indoor playground, on deck, with games and reading. Down in the garage, the temperature was normal again and we could leave right away.

We collected some tips at the tourist office in Porto Torres but decided to explore Castelsardo instead. Castelsardo was a pretty little fortress city on a hill with many steep and narrow alleys. Magda left her bread unattended while playing – and it was taken by a sea gull flying by *gone*

When we arrived at the beach La Pelosa by Stintino, the sun was gone and it was rather chilly. The kids still enjoyed playing in the shallow, crystal clear, turquoise blue water and with the soft sand.

We had just left the beach when a rather heavy rain shower hit. We camped in Stintino with evening sun.

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