Crazy Ferry
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Crazy Ferry

We had spent the night by a river. As I was the only one there, I washed my hair in the cold river and Alan took „a 5-seconds-bath“.

The ride through the mountains was pretty tough – for Alan as a driver and for Magda who got car-sick.

Driving and finding parking in Genova was another challenge. In an underground parking garage, some other German camper bus drivers encouraged and helped us to get into a narrow parking spot. Unlike Italians, they looked down on us afterwards: „Are you new bus drivers?!“

We found the tourist office easily, thanks to many signs in the city. But then we were a little disappointed or too exhausted (?) to enjoy the narrow roads because they lead us up and down hills with our trolley. Eventually, we ended up on the main square ‚Piazza de Ferrari‘ with nicely refreshing water fountains.

Porta soprana

By chance, we came to a free city elevator, bringing us up to Spianata Di Castelletto. From that hill, we had a very nice view over the city centre. We took another elevator down, explored some tunnels and ended up at a clean toilet, where we could also refill our bottles. We had been missing drinking fountains.

We had an early dinner – pretty good pizza, one with melissa pesto.

We got on the ferry perfectly on time but didn‘t get the height for our car that we had paid for. Our plan was actually to pop the top and sleep in the car. Nobody of the crew spoke English although there were so many tourists, especially Germans. So we couldn‘t negotiate with anybody.

We went to the most upper deck and observed the boarding of the last trucks and cars, closing of the gates. Genova‘s light skyline looked very nice.

To get back to the car, Alan opened a door which started some alarm. We quickly ran to our car to hide. Nobody came. We realized that you‘re not even allowed to sleep in the car. It was so unbearably hot in there that we just quickly got done with brushing teeth and hoped we could still buy tickets for reclining seats. When we went to this big sitting/sleeping area, we didn‘t find a „guard“ checking tickets anymore. So we just took some of the many empty rows to lie down.

Unfortunately, there was some bright light. Close to midnight, most of this bright bulbs were turned off, just not the few right above our heads. We even found the switches but didn’t manage to turn of our lights. We didn‘t want to move the girls anymore as they were already sleeping, their eyes covered with clothes.

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