Fishermen town
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Fishermen town

In Termoli, we actually just stopped to play at the sand beach. We spontaneously decided to also visit the small old town and were very positively surprised.

At the entrance, we were guided with 3 pictures of the main sights, giving us a quick overview of what to look for on our walk. Small electric vehicles were busy cleaning and emptying the trash cans.

What were probably the main reasons for our positive impression were the density of interesting places and the friendliness of the people.

We all enjoyed exploring the small city with its narrow alleys because no matter where we walked, we found a nice building, a view to cause amazement: „Wow, look at the beautiful sea“ or „This looks like a typical Italian city“.

One time, Wilma picked a flower from a plant pot on the street. We quickly put it back when a man already approached us. We were thinking, he wanted to lecture us that our kids shouldn’t pick flowers here. He didn‘t speak English, so we just followed him as he gestured to us. He lead us into the church and handed one white rose to each of our girls *super nice* When we asked for a toilet, he first pointed us to the bar outside but then asked „bambini?“ (children) and lead us to the toilet in the church. He was satisfied with us donating some cents to the church *multi grazie*

The beach with sand, shallow water, and some breeze was perfect for us as a family with small kids and it wasn‘t too crowded yet.

Back to the car, we couldn‘t move Wilma‘s chair anymore. We couldn‘t fix it and had to move on not to be late for a booked boat tour.

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