Elbow city
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Elbow city

Today, we visited Ancona, whose name derives from its peculiar „ankon“ („elbow“) shape.

We were very lucky by getting the last few parking spot close to the centre. First, we walked through this city centre of Ancona without much clue for the important sights and they didn‘t pop up readily on our walk.

Church of Santa Maria della Piazza

On a detour, we got some tips from the tourist information. So now we thought, we could finally start our sightseeing tour. Up on a hill were many churches, ancient palazzi and some Roman ruins. It was very nice to have an elevator taking us up there. However, most sights were not accessible because they were closed, in use (offices, museum) or even fenced up. The few „attractions“ we could visit were really just some brick stones with no explanation other than an Italian name.


Up and downhill, over stairs, rocks and roots through a lot of sun, we went with our trolley to reach the coast. Totally exhausted, we arrived at the cliffs with hardly any way for our girls t reach water. Alan and Magda jumped from the cliffs like the locals. Unfortunately Magda scratched open her toes when she tried to get back out.

Church of Santa Maria della Piazza (cathedral)

Back in the city, we treated us with some cherry ice-cream, pizza, and pasta. One pizza we got was just perfect: fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes instead of food, thin dough, crunchy, non-burned crust.

In between, we visited a sculpture museum where everything could be touched. They even had a small quiz with animals to find in the museum.

It was already past 9 pm when we got back to the car. We all agreed that this city had not been worth a visit, maybe other than for the pizza :o/

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