Sea Caves
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Sea Caves

We managed to catch our boat tour in Vieste through Gargano National Park – unlike 2 other passangers whom we went back to the harbour for shortly after departure.

The lime stone rocks were piled up in layers of hardened lava, sometimes with a purple layer in between that looked like a necklace.

The white formed a stunning contrast to the blue and turquoise sea.

We just gazed in amazement when we crossed a natural arch or entered a cave. The capabilities of the captain were also incredible – how closely he manoeuvered to the rocks to get us the best views.

After a longer stay at a pebble beach, the boat sped so fast through the water that we only took 20 min for the distance that we had spent 2 hours for earlier *whoosh*

We had pizza plus playground for dinner. One pizza was good, the other one the worst we have sampled so far: wet, greasy, too spicy for my taste and we were terribly thirsty.


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Toll— was die Natur für Wunder bereit hält!!!!! Freue mich mit euch ,dass ihr so schöne Erlebnisse als ganze Familie genießen könnt!

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