Latvian port
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Latvian port

In Ventspils, we had breakfast in an entire playground park. Every other climbing frame reminded us of a playground in Heidelberg. We especially enjoyed the tandem swings.

On a market, we bought cherries. They looked good but were the worst we have ever had: dry and even bitter.

In the afternoon, we had fun in a waterpark with some slides, whirl pools and a wave pool.

We found a super nice picknick area with a grill by a lake. There, we used our last fire wood and enjoyed ribs, potatoes, and corn. 

Just like the night before, when the sun was gun, it got pretty chilly and the air – just like our car – was full of mosquitoes. However, Alan, Jenny, and Wilma (She killed at least 4 all by herself!) murdered all of them.

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