Russian resort
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Russian resort

Our first stop of the day was a supermarket. Actually, we wanted to go on further, but Alan got to talk to the security guy and he gave him many advices what to do in Jūrmala.

We started with a climbing park. Even Wilma could go over low obstacles. Erna and Magda were slow because the obstacles were challenging for their height but they finished all trails.

A Russian family complained that our girls shouldn‘t be on the advanced climbing tracks because they were delaying everybody. Luckily, a staff member was on our side, although the Russians were right. Alan compensated them by buying them cotton candy. In general, we heard almost nothing but Russian around us.

After a short city tour, we went to an open-air museum – a reconstruction of a fishermen village.

A hike over planks through the forest lead us to the sea where the kids again enjoyed the wet sand and a bath.

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