Lithuanian desert
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Lithuanian desert

On our morning drive, we came by a fleamarket, right by the road. We got tomatoes, cucumbers, black currents, and slippers for Erna.

We took a ferry to the Curonian Spit. The wating time was much longer than the ride (4 min only). We were wondering why the Lithuanians didn‘t build a bridge.

We visited the Parnidis dune and with 28 degrees we always longed for shade – which a dune of course has only little of. There were many butterflies (Red Admiral).

On a small crafting festival in Nida, we listened to traditional Lithuanian music, crafted bookmarks, baked bread with poppy seeds, and formed clay bowls.

We went on to the Dead Dunes. They were planted. That‘s why the sand doesn‘t move anymore and dunes that don’t move are considered „dead“.

It was quite a strenuous hike through the loose sand. The girls enjoyed falling and crawling in the soft sand.

We went swimming in the Baltic Sea close to Juodkranté. The wind was pretty strong and chilly. However, everybody went into the cool water.

Just behind the beach‘s dunes, we had dinner in the parking lot. That was the best spot: a closed bar with many wooden chairs and tables outside, even on a second level terrace.

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