Fun malls
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Fun malls

On our way to North Eastern Europe, we had our first stop in Chemnitz. Luckily, we found a mall that didn’t only offer a climbing ship and a huge sand box with toy daggers but also a marry-go-round for free!!!

Also the indoor mall in Krakow was very kids-friendly. Our girls were (5 cm) too small for some climbing on walls and through nets. Instead, they had fun climbing an exercise course. After a huge bucket of Kentucky fried chicken, that unfortunately turned out to be spicy, the kids cooled their tongues with ice-cream.

Then it was already so late that the mall was closing. After a toilet break, Magda decided to go back to the car alone but got lost. Luckily, she met some nice Polish who hugged her, gave her a lollipop and were about to call the police when Alan found them with Magda. *relief*

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