Through the Mountains
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Through the Mountains

After visiting so many cities, we had some nature events for the kids today. We went to a climbing park at Como Lake where younger kids were allowed to climb completely independently after an introduction by the staff.

Erna and Magda were busy balancing over ropes, dangling wood pieces, crawling through rings and nets on four different courses.

A highlight were the zip lines over ditches.

Wilma was also happy just watching or swinging wildly in a huge net.

The place offered everything you need to spend at least half of a summer day: shade, many benches and tables, a drinking water tap, restrooms, wifi, a kiosk.

Even when it was 10 min past the opening hours, the staff didn‘t chase us away but let the visitors finish their courses. Very nice!

We went to a rocky beach at Lake Como to refresh ourselves. The water was pretty cold but I enjoyed swimming in non-salty water with a mountain view.

We actually wanted to cook dinner at the lake but a German couple warned us that the police patrolled frequently and irregularly here to chase campers away. Apparently, they had already been told to leave, just because they had the door of their RV open. Then why had they come back?

We left anyway and had a last pizza dinner in the small city of Gravedona with the street lights being reflected in the lake and even with some live music.

Erna lost both of her front teeth – one during today’s breakfast, one the next morning.

As many other cars, we just spend the night on one of the small parking areas along the mountain road.

Impressions on the way back down the mountain the next morning:

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