Wars and Sawa
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Wars and Sawa

morning exercises at a rest area on the highway.

What we liked very much about Polish rest areas on the highway was the frequency of playgrounds.

Warsaw’s name originates from a legend: The fisherman Wars caught the mermaid Sawa who lived in Vistula River. He fell in love with her, set her free and they built a home on the riverbank, named after this couple: Warszawa (Warsaw).

We explored the city centre with its colorful and neatly renovated houses, came across talented street painters, and had a lot of fun on the city wall.

Outside of the old town, we found a huge modern playground, even with a water area. When we were about to go, Wilma wedged her foot in a metal joint that the blood was dripping. Luckily, she could already run again, when we climbed along the city wall.

We tried Pierogi (dumplings) filled with salmon and Camembert (a little dry), forest fruits and sweet Quark (very delicious). We enjoyed them in a water fountain park that would be lit up with music at night.

We very much enjoyed street music all over the city (violine, piano, saxophone, something like a harp).

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