Prawn island
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Prawn island

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any wind power that we could have used for sailing today. Well, that also meant, there were hardly any waves that would roll the yacht. Close to the island Læsø, the sea was nothing but a huge flat mirror. What an interesting experience, especially after the previous stormy days.

In the morning, we saw two porpoises. Unfortunately, the girls were still sleeping at that time.

fight over left-overs

We couldn’t find the tourist info in Østerby. So we just talked to a smith that we bumped into. Luckily, Nellis‘ English was very good and he gave us great tips for kids‘ activities, the bus, and sea food on Læsø *super nice* Now we were much more excited about our stay because we hadn’t expected more than a beach on this island. Well, there must be a reason that 2 weeks ago 270 boats were docked in the marina *wow*

When the sun come out, we enjoyed water melon by the sandy beach and a playground with huge trampolines and a swing that looked like an oversized bow net =oD

catch of the day
three very special crayfish

Apparently, Østerby is a large producer of lobsters and prawns, exporting them to everywhere in Europe. So we decided to have grilled prawns for breakfast ;o)

We took the free bus to Byrum. In Sweden, we had gotten so used to not wearing masks that I had even taken them out of our backpacks. That was a mistake when traveling through Denmark! So badly prepared, we had to buy masks on the bus, although we had plenty on the boat ;o/

First, we visited the salt mine, where salt is produced from Kattegat water and shipped all over Denmark. Unfortunately, all the written and oral explanations were only in Danish. We would have loved to learn more about salt making =o/

Læsø lacked straw and reeds for ordinary roofing of houses. But the people understood how to utilise the eelgrass, which drifted ashore during stormy weather.

house with unique sea weed roof

On ‚Storhaven‘, a farm, most animals run freely. We got to pet rabbits, donkeys, a big dog, horses, cats, and even a baby goat.

Can you see me now?

The farm also offered home-made food. Despite the wet and chilly weather, we decided to try a variety of ice-cream kinds: plum, fig, current, elder blossom, coffee, Quark, strawberry, nougat… In a shop, one could buy knitted and felt clothes, among other things.

In Byrum, many people had put up a stall to sell fresh food from their garden. So on the way through the city, we did some „garden shopping“.

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Nice to see where the prawns came from 😉
Looks like you have a lot of good experiences.
Thanks for sharing your meal.
Stay Well ❤️

The prawns really needed the consumed on the day. We noticed that when we grilled them the second day, they were already a bit smushy.
Is that why you guys didn’t stay longer with us for dinner? j/k.
Where are you about now? Still on the road?

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