Harbour fishing
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Harbour fishing

We were glad that it was just a short trip to Skärhamn because the waves made the boat feel similar to a roller coaster. Just enough to remind us of the open sea conditions again. We didn’t find any playground, so the girls used the rocks as a substitute ;oP

The next day, we found out that one museum was closed, the other one not suitable for kids. So we tried our luck with crab fishing.

on crab watch

We first searched for mussels in the shallow water on the beach. Well, Mama did, because the wind was too cold for the girls. Then we hung the opened mussel on a clothes pin that had a line attached to it.

„We caught a crab!!!“

It took some time until we finally caught a crab. It was so interesting to observe its movements!

We still didn‘t consider ourselves poor fisher(wo)men. We found sea stars (even a purple one), shrimps, and an oyster (maybe) *amazing*

an oyster?!?
windy snack break

The marina was full of boats. Apparently, it could fit 100 yachts. Still, the facilities were not crowded and very clean. They even provided a step for kids and radio there. Doing laundry was included in the very reasonable price. The grilling area was nicely integrated in the rock landscape and offered some climbing opportunities.

During dinner, Alan tried his luck with a trap net. He actually caught 9 crabs, right behind our boat. But they were all too small to be eaten ;oP

The next day was rainy and too windy to go on. So we used the time to put our trap net out again to hopefully catch some bigger crabs for dinner.

The crabs we caught were a little bigger than the previous day. But our Swedish neighbours said crabs of this size may have some meat but taste muddy. We would have to go out a little further. There by the cliffs, we could catch some big crabs. So Magda and Erna released our catch back into the sea ;o)

But we had a good catch of a different kind: an eel!!! It had quite a lot of meat, only little bones. The slippery fish was very fatty and tasty. Alan: „Really good!“ Erna and Wilma also munched non-stop =o)

We went on a walk through the hilly, rocky city and nibbled some sweet freshly picked blackberries on the way *yummy*

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