THE desert
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THE desert

From Læsø to Anholt, we were sailing with headwind for the first time. The heavy listing we could have coped with. But waves from the side made the yacht roll non-stop. That made Alan and me not feel too comfortable. Surprisingly, Wilma didn‘t seem to mind the rough conditions and Erna was even moving around a lot, singing *amazing*

On Anholt, we were lucky that there was still some alongside docking available that is usually reserved for large yachts. Later, we saw a picture of the peak season with hardly any square meter of water between the parked boats. Compared to that, the marina was actually considered empty at the moment *wow*

our BBQ restaurant ;oP

For dinner, we made use of the nice marina facilities. A super well working and large gas grill with a comfy sitting area.

As Alan was preparing the grill so nicely, two Danish hikers came by: „Are you opening up a restaurant?“ The couple has traveled all over the world and currently, they were on an island tour through Denmark. Marion and Flemming were so nice to give us some tipps what to do on Anholt and places we could visit on our further journey.

taken by Marion

For breakfast, we used the large, well equipped kitchen. Alan baked some olive bread for us *yummy* When he saw some fishing boats coming into the harbour, Alan tried his luck and was able to buy some crab claws and two turbots. One, we baked right away. It was rather easy to prepare because the fish had so much meat and big bones. Very delicious! Alan: „Amazing!“

Marion and Flemming had told us Anholt was famous for THE desert. After quite some walking, we eventually found this dry hilly landscape in the middle of the island.

We wanted to hike through the desert to the beach, which didn’t look that far away. After some time, none of us enjoyed being poked by grass and getting sand in our shoes anymore because the beach seemed to not get any closer. We felt lost in the desert.

Luckily, we found a road that lead to the beach in about 15 minutes. The incredible blue of the sea, the beautiful, white clouds, the fine sand, the crystal clear water – this beach was a dream reward after the strenuous hike.

We enjoyed our watermelon on a sandbank, completely surrounded by water.

We found a sea star! Where?

Our dinner was again very special: grilled crab claws. It just took too long to get the meat out ;o)

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We’re Sorry to read that you had such a hard time in the desert 😞 but eventually made it to the beautifull Beach and water 🙏🏻
Wonderfull pictures ❤️
Stay Well 😉

Did you see any seals as you walked along the coast? Our neighboring boater told us that we should expect to see seals on Anholt. We feel like we missed out.

So glad that you made it so far safely and healthy. You all loo happy! Enjoy!
We also have family on board an will have two more weeks. How long will you continue the journey.

We enjoy our journey very much, but the wind is getting cold up here, so we are finding an end to our journey.
We were hoping because if the summer started late this year, it may also end late. Unfortunately, it isn’t the case!
Isn’t the summer down in Mediterranean longer? Why rushing to an end already? You don’t need to go back to work like I do…

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