Rocky Mountain – Nymphe, Dream, and Emerald Lake
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Rocky Mountain – Nymphe, Dream, and Emerald Lake

pancake breakfast with a moose family

Eurasian elks (or moose)
Sundance Mountain (Alpine region)

On the way to the lakes, I had a headache and felt dizzy. Was it because of the altitude change or just because I was tired?

Nymph Lake

Under these conditions, hiking was actually no fun, even in this pretty nature.

Dream Lake

After some peanut butter cereal (this time even with crunchy cereal, additional nuts and dried fruits =o) I felt much better and the hike back was really enjoyable.

Emerald Lake

On the way back, we saw the first male elks, right by the road. Our bus driver even stopped for us to take pictures – so touristy! The animals didn’t bother. They just backed off a little when the bus passed by *wow*

North American elk (or wapiti; 6-pointer)

In the toilet room in tonight’s rest area, we could listen to a Country music radio station (as always with lots of commercials) ;oP

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