Rocky Mountain – West
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Rocky Mountain – West

On the serpentines to Rocky Mountain National Park Supar got car sick and puked on the rug. From now on I put him on my lap, being prepared with a plastic bag, whenever the road is winding.

Shadow Mountain Lake

The hike along Shadow Mountain Lake was not too spectacular. But we both enjoyed the landscape change: walking in the woods over roots, a lot of water around us. We enjoyed a break on a tree trunk with fresh raspberries that I had picked from the bushes around us *hmm*

The weather wasn’t so awfully hot, but rather invited us to dip our feet into the clear and very cold water of the East Inlet Creek during our enjoyable lunch break.

East Inlet Creek

We took a very brief, yet very refreshing bath in Grand Lake. Despite the fading sun, chilly wind and only about 10˚C cold water we washed ourselves *proud* We could literally feel the increased blood flow in our body.

The hike along the Colorado River was rather boring until we spotted a rodent similar, yet larger than a hamster called pika and also a moose.

Along the way back to and in the meadows surrounding the camp sites, we saw a bunch of elks. I could get quite closely to one with its fawn; even watch the little one drinking *amazing*

Alan had the spontaneous and awesome idea to use the grill outside. It was just quite some trouble to get the fire started. Although we had had sandwiches all day, Alan’s chicken burgers were a very special dinner, also because we were so close to nature. The smoke and soot that the fire produced didn’t spoil the delicious taste either. On top, he baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil *yummy* Good that Alan’s chop sticks that he skillfully used for turning the food didn’t catch fire ;oP

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