Antelope Canyon
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Antelope Canyon

Here is the Page odyssey: In Page, we did some grocery shopping at Walmart and booked a guided tour through the Antelope Upper Canyon.

At the Upper Canyon we found out that the tour we had booked actually started in Page.

So we had to go back to Page. We actually decided to cancel the tour because the tours starting at the Canyon were just as expensive ($46 each!) but we wouldn’t waste time in a shuttle.

When we found out that the next Upper Canyon tour was not available anymore, we got out of line and decided to try the Lower Canyon, where we could buy the tickets on site.

Here the line was even longer and under the burning sun we were moving very slowly… At least the Antelope Lower Canyon was 20 bucks cheaper. Still, I hate the commercialisation of nature!

After 1.5 hrs we were tired of waiting. That’s why we tried to join a tour 15 min earlier than our booked tour – and it worked! Nobody checked any tickets or receipts. So we could even have gone on the tour without waiting or paying at all *errr*

To experience this master piece of artist ‘nature’ was definitely worth all the trouble and our guide was also very nice.

And finally back to Page to get a tub of vanilla ice-cream with cherries from Walmart. Of course, it quickly turned all runny and thus even sweeter. Since our van didn’t have a freezer we had to finish the sticky mess all at once. Man, we were so stuffed afterwards!

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