Lake Powell / Glen Canyon
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Lake Powell / Glen Canyon

We found a place to access Lake Powell and swam with a couple of other people. Alan: “This is the best swimming water I’ve ever experienced! So fresh and clean; there’s no odor; it’s not too cold – simply fantastic!”

But we didn’t just wash off the Wild West’s dust and sweat from our bodies. We also turned Supar from a dirty mop into a purely white fluffy pillow – by using Lake Powell’s “magic” water as a dog washing machine.

We took some effort to convince our little friend to refresh his perm, though. He had a different idea of how to enjoy Lake Powell. Instead of swimming he would rather roam around over the red rocks, bother other people by sniffing on and stepping all of their belongings. He even peed on one bag. Suuupar!

We stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam museum. It was strange for me to be there again. Seven years ago I visited this place the first time with my parents – now with my boyfriend.

We were very impressed by the construction of the bridge over the Colorado River and the enormous size of the dam.

A woman with two giant dogs helped us with a picture. Suddenly she said: “Hey, are you from Canada?!” How could she tell? “You’re wearing a Roots T-shirt” *funny*

We ended up spending the night somewhere by a dirt road. Tons of bugs, especially crane flies, kept us from using light. Well, the complete darkness made us enjoy the huge amount of stars in the night sky even more *amazing*

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