Plateau of swines
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Plateau of swines

In Zonza, we found out that we couldn‘t hike through the canyon with our little kids. Instead, we went up a mountain road full of holes to the Plateau du Coscione.

It was such a beautiful and quite landscape: green hills with clear ice-cold creeks flowing everywhere, decorated by pretty flowers. And the highlight: pigs and wild horses

We took an interesting trail back, climbing over the rocky mountains. When we were almost back by the car, a shower started. Luckily, we didn‘t get too wet and our clothes dried on the following long drive through the mountains.

Due to more rain showers and lack of time, we had to skip visiting water falls and mountain lakes.

We only had time for a stroll through Corte, still with some light rain. Many houses in the Corsican cities were very worn. Often, just the ground floor with shops , restaurants, cafés looked maintained.

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