Welcome to Corsica
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Welcome to Corsica

Santa Teresia di Gallura

This morning, we took the ferry from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio on Corsica. Although the ride just took one hour, it costed 150€.

In Bonifacio there were indeed more French than Germans. Everything was more expensive compared to Sardinia: 3€ per hour for parking, which was very difficult to find in this super touristy city. On Sardinia, parking was almost always free, apparently because we were still before the main season. 3€ for one scoop of ice-cream – as opposed to 2,50 € for two scoops. Carrots for more than 3 €/kg!

The views on the turquoise and blue sea with the steep white cliffs where breath-taking. The city of Bonifacio was nice with its many narrow alleys and concrete bridges between the houses. As the bridges were only on the upper floors, our assumption was that they were supposed to stabilise the houses.

It was fun hiking with view on the cliffs. Unfortunately, a hike right down the cliffs was too dangerous for us.

The drivers also appeared more daring / aggressive in France: overtaking whenever there was a small gap on the opposite lane or in front of us, not letting cars get out of the parking lot and sticking out the middle finger when they are honked at *crazy*

We explored Sartène next – a small city with a medieval part and one from the 18th century with many rock stairs. It was fun walking through this maze, although the streets were rather dirty.

We parked in Levie for the night.

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