Good-bye Corsica
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Good-bye Corsica

As we took the mountain road to Saint-Florent early in the morning, we were lucky to get a parking spot close to the city centre, at the harbour .

When we walked over rocks by the sea, Erna scratched her shin when she stepped in a hole *outch*

After a small city tour, we spent some time at the beach, collecting sea shells. The water was not as clear, rather greenish grey, similar toothed Baltic Sea

The new part of Bastia was rather plain but the old town was pretty, especially with view on the sea. Unfortunately, the kids were not too happy with the ice-cream choice: Corsian lemon. The tub of chestnut in Sartène was better.

To the old town, we had to take around 150 steps up. On the way back, we discovered an elevator ;o)

We had to wait to get on the ferry for more than one hour and the ferry was very crowded, people rushing everywhere, not so clean sleeping area and broken restrooms.

We found a nice dinner place on the deck, shielded behind glass with evening sun – just a little noisy because of a vent.

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