Island hopping
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Island hopping

Alan got a crab at the fish market in La Maddalena – delicious and interesting breakfast

We were lucky that despite uncertain weather (rain in the afternoon), a boat took us on a day tour. This was even the cheapest company with the friendliest service and most detailed information. *yeah*

So we got to enjoy a sunny trip along red rocks over clear turquoise water again. We stopped by the island Budelli to look at the pink beach. It was closed in 1994 because many tourists took some pink sand with them. The light pink colour stems from microorganisms.

„Pink Beach“ on the island Budelli

Close to Budelli, we swam in the cold, yet beautiful water, getting off the boat via a ladder. Everybody but Wilma.

She was so eager to get into water and got her turn on the beach of the island Santa Maria. Here, the big girls enjoyed some snorkeling.

On one island, rather close to people, I spotted two wild boars in the bushes. How do they get on islands?

sea gulls chasing our boat
Rock with the shape of an eagle / witch head
background: rock in the shape of the Italian boot

Although there wasn‘t that much sun on Spargi, we spent the time on the beach again with water melon and snorkeling.

We had pizza dinner in La Maddalena. Both Magda and Erna had some rash on their arm, according to Alan „pizza allergy“ *lol*

We went for an evening rock hike not too far from the city, in the South West of the Island. Our girls climbed the rocks like lizards *amazing*

We took the ferry back to Palau and just parked somewhere by the road, on the way to Santa Teresa di Gallura, where we wanted to take the ferry to Corsica. When we settled, there were so many cars going by that we thought we could never sleep but in the end the night was totally quiet.

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