Climbing La Maddalena
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Climbing La Maddalena

By ferry, we went to La Maddalena. Here, we spent some time to decide on a boat tour for the next day, talking to different companies by the port.

bridge connecting the islands La Maddalena and Caprera

We went to Caprera to an abandoned military base. Our kids had a lot of fun exploring the ruin with many stairs and even hidden dark corridors.

We got back to the car just in time before some heavy rain started and lasted for almost 3 hours.

When it finally stopped, we went on an interesting rock hike by the sea.

We kept debating whether we should dare park in the wild overnight, which was forbidden, or if it would still make sense to pay for a campground so late. Eventually, we decided for the campground. On the way there, we saw a female wild boar with two piglets *super cute* They were approaching our car when unfortunately another car chased the wild boars away.

In the end, we stopped on the side of a small dirt road, right in front of somebody‘s house. When dogs started barking, we decided to talk to the owner. He was fine with us staying *great*

We had some mosquitoes in the car. When Alan moved to the front seat to get something, Wilma asked if he saw some mosquitoes there. „No, there are usually where the light is, i.e. in the back of the car.“ Wilma „Papa, do you need some light?“ *lol*

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