Glacier experience
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Glacier experience

On the morning drive, we came across some strange sheep.

They were lying or standing on the (warmer) road and just did not make a single move when (even honking) cars wanted to get through. On the contrary: They even ran to our car when Alan stretched out his arm *funny*

We had decided to hike to another glacier: Jostedalsbreen – the largest in continental Europe.

Wilma exploring a way to the glacier on her own: „This is my side!“

It was nice that we got to choose whether we used a boat for the first 1.4 km or hiked. As the entire hike was only 3 km one way, we decided against the boat.Hiking also proved to be more fun – climbing over smooth boulders and creeks, up and down wooden ladders.

The glacier looked dirtier than Svartisen Glacier – our assumptions: either because of erosions by the surrounding black mountains or because guided groups hiked over the glacier.

Like the guided tours, we crossed the safety Barrieren get close to the glacier, making shire we wouldn‘t stand under it in case a piece collapsed.

We just didn‘t want to miss the chance again to touch the glacier . Luckily, we were not the only „non-guided“ tourists breaking the rules

We saw the ice dripping everywhere and could finally imagine how such a massive stream could flow out of the the enormous ice body.

We were really happy that our kids got to experience a glacier.

On the way back, we even picked up ice blocks from the stream when we crossed a bridge. It was fun for the girls to play with these „mega ice cubes“. We just couldn‘t bring them home ;oP

By the glacier it had been chilly. On the hike back, we were sweating in our long pants, carrying the jackets.

After the exciting hike, we enjoyed our water melon in the sun (and in shorts =o) even more.

Especially, in this area of Norway, we had passed through many unusually long tunnels. But the one we drove through on the way to Bergen, between Lærdal and Aurland, was by far the longest with 25 km. – the ‚Laerdalstunnelen‘. Every 6 km, there was some very special blue lighting, making the tunnel look like an ice cave – another fantastic experience.

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