Archipelago Tour
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Archipelago Tour

We were happy to find the boat for the archipelago tour we had aimed at via some advertisement in Stockholm.

The boat left just opposite of a house where Astrid Lindgren had lived in.

There were almost exclusively Swedish on the trip. Before we left, it was so warm in the sun that we wanted to take off all our long layers but when the steam boat was at traveling speed, the wind chill made us wrap ourselves in thick blankets. The Swedish were fine in shorts and T-shirt *wow*

Magda on photo shooting tour:

Camera goes back to Alan:

We even got to discover the engine room of the steam boat.

We stopped on the island Norrära. Here, the movies of some Astrid Lindgren stories were filmed. The Swedish went on a guided tour, we explored the island on our own.

The paths through the forest were an adventure: hiking over rocks, roots, moss, wooded planks along swamps. The girls were busy picking wild raspberries. We saw many huge grapevine snails. Erna and Magda even saw a black snake sliding away.through the bushes. *cool* The only annoying thing were the many mosquitoes.

Since the sun was out when we came by a small beach, everyone of us was brave enough to get into the very cold water – Erna apparently by accident when she slipped. *amazing*

Magda took some great pictures again:

We had burger dinner in Uppsala, a nice university city with a huge dome, a pretty train station, and a castle.


People here were super friendly. When we tried to understand the parking sign, a man walking by saved us a lot of time by saying „Sunday, it‘s free!“. In the burger restaurant, a couple freed up a bigger table with corner bench for us when we were just wondering where to sit, that means without us even asking them. When we finished our meal, the restaurant was a couple of minutes away from closing. Instead of kicking us out, the waitress gave tattoos to our kids ;oD

Today, we had been super lucky with the weather. Whenever we were out it was dry, when we were in the car, many hard showers hit us.

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