Archipelago City
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Archipelago City

In Stockholm, we parked at some fancy mall and took some time to find the tourist office. For our sunny day in the city centre, the guy there only had recommendations for indoor museums to be reached by tram.

Stockholm stretches across 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago.

We decided to walk through the old town with nice small alleys. The highlight of the day was a candy shop that gave out samples of home-made candy. We bumped into a group of Indians who were super keen on taking pictures with our three girls and buying them candy – lucky us!

watching how the candy is made

We were not so lucky when Alan bent down and dropped his camera because the strap of his camera holder was not closed. The camera only stays on for 10 seconds now and makes the documentation of our trip rather inconvenient =o(

This was already the second expensive gadget today. Alan’s iPad decided to not turn on anymore in the morning :o/

„Two Angels for Wilma“
Erna & Magda had picked curly candy

Outside of the old town, Stockholm reminded us of Copenhagen: many magnificent buildings along waterways. But Stockholm appeared more touristy. Copenhagen seemed to focus on its people with drinking fountains, playgrounds, many public toilets.

On the way back to the car, we bumped into a free heavy metal concert – interesting to watch these tattooed, screaming, long-haired guys live.

For the night, we stayed at Åkersberga at a canal, north of Stockholm.

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