Visiting the Little Mermaid
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Visiting the Little Mermaid

On this trip, we went North for once. Our first city to explore was Copenhagen. We had breakfast by the Baltic Sea in wonderfully sunny weather.

Town Hall

All over the city we found free toilets, drinking water fountains, playgrounds. At the first public toilet on the main shopping street, Alan discovered the opera voice of a cleaning man. He told him to go out and sing for our girls and whoever else on the square. The tone and the vibrato of his voice were amazing!

Old Harbour

We were perfectly on time for the change of guards at the Amalienborg Palace – the official residence of the Danish royal family. 


It was still quite a long walk to the statue of the Little Mermaid. We were surprised that she had two legs with fins as feet instead of a big fish tail. There were tons of tourists and buses.

We found Copenhagen a beautiful city with its many canals, bridges, impressive buildings. All along the water side, there were swimming areas zoned off with ladders and even towers to jump from. Even when the sun was gone and a chilly wind picked up, the Danish enjoyed the water.

We were also brave enough to take an outdoor shower in this rather chilly weather =o)

Christiansborg Palace

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