Temperature roller coaster
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Temperature roller coaster

We got up in fog and 13 (!!!) degrees. The kids were woken up by dog barking this morning. We had stopped at a monastery to get closer to the Tara River. The dogs there were not very friendly and we were happy to get back into the car to take another road down to the water.

That rocky steep road turned out to become our morning safari tour. After visiting a bridge over the Tara river, our van barely made it back up.

We decided to skip ‚Biogradska gora’ national park because some travelers from Kosovo (an Austrian married to an Moldowian) said it was similar to the Black lake in ‘Durmitor‘.

After telling them our thoughts about going back via Italy, their stories on Italy let us easily decide for the alternative route back through the mountains of Bulgaria and Romania. Italy would be too hot, too dangerous, not any prettier than the Croatian coast, and (the ferry to) Italy would be too expensive.

Volkswagen seems to be the most popular car brand in Montenegro. We have the impression that cars can park anywhere – even in a round-about.

In Rijeka Crnojevića, we went on a river boat ride close to Skadar Lake. That was the best thing to do in 39 degrees.

The girls enjoyed the water splashing and the birds (e.g. herons, small sea gulls, cormorants) around them. Some even flew along with us.

We also got into the warm water. It seemed to have the right temperature for Wilma. She happily walked in over the poky rocks and chased tiny fish.

It was a long drive through the mountains to get to Njegoš‘s mausoleum. I personally didn‘t find the long trip and price worth the view.

Luckily, it was only 27 degrees up there. In hotter weather, the 461 steps would have been a tough challenge.

mausoleum with golden mosaic ceiling

We spent the night on the mountain, close to the mausoleum. During dinner, the temperature was only about 17 degrees.

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