Along Skadar Lake
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Along Skadar Lake

In the mountains, we got up with 16 degrees. Around 8:30 it was already 29 degrees in Budva, another pretty Old Town by the coast encircled by stone walls. The tourist and thus traffic jam started when we left.

monkey feeding
Wow – yummy!

Luckily, we found a free parking spot in Sveti Stefan. We walked along the rocky beach to the island, connected to the city. Surprisingly, the city was locked up – apparently a summer resort for celebrities.

We went for a swim, right next to the island. The water was pretty warm and so salty that you could float without moving. On the rocky beach, we almost burned our feet. It was 34 degrees when we left and we were just able to get out of the traffic jam of crazy drivers.

I forgot my bathing pants *oops*

We took a scenic ride along the Skadar Lake and bought local fruits, such as figs, nectarines, water melon, and plums.


This night, we stayed at a fancy campground with pool and fruits (apple trees, grape and kiwi bushes) in Shkodër *amazing*

In a fancy and cozy restaurant, right by the campground, we had perfectly tender and juicy beef and a local pizza with ham, mushrooms, and blue cheese for only 17 € *wow* The gas price, however, is the same as in Germany.

Magda saw three (!!!) shooting stars. Alan confirmed one at least. I am still waiting for my first one.

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