Wild horses
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Wild horses

We just parked our car somewhere in the mountains of the national park ‚Durmitor‘. Since we had parked in the middle of nowhere, we had a spectacular view on the night sky full of stars. We could clearly see the Milky Way. Alan even saw a shooting star!

We were woken up by some neighing sound – wild horses, in all different colours, galloping down the road. It was a pretty big herd with a few foals even.

Later, we saw the horses in a distance grazing. We tried to get close to them for some pictures.

On the way, we bumped into some friendly cows.

In the end, some horses let them pet us and were interested in our breakfast. *amazing*

drinking break

On our further way along highway 14, we also met some sheep and enjoyed beautiful mountain views.

At one point, horse-back riding was offered. All the usually hour-long tours were already booked out. However, the owner was so kind to give a short ride to Magda and Erna for free =oD

The next stop was much more touristy: Crno Jezero (Black lake) – one of the glacial lakes, called „mountain eyes“.

With around 27 degrees, a shady forest, wind, and some clouds, the weather was so comfortable in the mountains.

By the lake, there was an abandoned climbing park. Our kids enjoyed it very much. We were very happy to get this free opportunity because we had told Magda that the climbing garden in Lienz was too expensive for the few paths she could use there.

On the way were many booths with local specialties: berries, jam, liquor, dried mushrooms, honey. We got blueberries and mushrooms.

On the way out of ‚Durmitor‘, we stopped by the ‚Djurdjevica Tara Bridge‘, built on rock pillars over the Tara canyon. Rafting and zip lining were offered.

We had dinner at a non-touristy restaurant close by the bridge.

We camped by an unfinished tunnel. A second car was already parked at this hidden spot – Germans. The girls enjoyed exploring the tunnel with flash lights. We also saw some light bugs.

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