Cave swimming
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Cave swimming

We stayed at a not so clean campground without toilet paper in restrooms. There was just one toilet for women, one for men and two showers for around 30 campers.

However, the kids had a shallow rock beach to play with, right outside our car. We also had a wonderful sea and mountain (on the other side of the bay) view for dinner.

At night, we had a wonderful view on lights from an anchored ship and the city of Korto on the other side of the bay.

Good morning!

Since the water was so close, we decided to get our paddle board out. Unfortunately, the board received a rupture when Alan slid it over the rock dock into water.

Some motor cyclers tried to help mending the hole with a rubber patch that they would use for their tires. However, we didn‘t feel like waiting so much longer for the glue to dry, re-inflating the board. So all the set-up work was in vain. At least, we went for a swim. The water was super comfortable, both in terms of temperature and calmness.

After lining up for some time, we were lucky to get a parking spot right next to Korot‘s Old Town – surrounded by massive stone walls.

After gathering information from three different on what to do in Kotor, we found a still had a spot for a motor boat tour half an hour later.

We enjoyed the breeze and sometimes splashing on the fast boat and the hopping over waves.


We got a panoramic view of Perast (Palace city). Apparently, in one of the buildings ‚Cinderella’ was recorded.

We stopped on an island called ‚Lady of Rock‘.

A submarine tunnel for military use was exciting to go into.

The highlight of the tour was the ‚Blue Cave‘. Alan, with Magda on his back, and I swam in the incredibly dark blue shining water, bats flying over our heads.

We strolled through the Old Town with narrow alleys, rock buildings, and many straying cats.

This night, we decided to go out to eat. We followed a recommendation of the boat tour company. However, the dinner was a small disaster: None of us was really happy with the seafood plate. Even the potatoes, rice, and spinach were not that great.The bass and prawns were good.

We were served bread without ordering it or being asked. And we had to pay for the bread, even if we didn‘t eat any *scam* Unfortunately, Alan noticed too late that we got one 10€ bill change back too few – scammed again!

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