Pasta City
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Pasta City

With a lot more rain, we arrived in Bari. First, we wanted to find a car shop that could fix our stuck fifth seat. We first tried local shops where we may have higher chances for a spontaneous repair. But they advices us to go to the VW centre.

The VW people didn‘t send us away but send us a German-speaker to explain the problem. We had to wait for about an hour in total but then they quickly managed to get the seat to slide again during their official lunch break. They even cleaned the rail because they believed this was part of the problem. And then the people didn‘t even want to be paid! We still showed them our appreciation with some nuts and blueberries.

We were sure, in Germany, the VW staff would have sent us away without even looking at our problem, telling us to make an appointment in 2 weeks to charge us for 2 hours of working time.

By then the rain had stopped and we explored the Old Town with its maze of narrow alleys. At every corner, women made and sold pasta.

The city wasn‘t just touristy. Many old people sat right outside their house or in a room looking through their open doors which resembled more floor-to-ceiling windows.

fried polenta

The girls were happy to pet and watch a dog catching a soccer ball on a square by a church.

on the city wall

We were munching our pizza in front of a bar were we had bought fried seafood before. The owner of that seafood shop was so nice to clear up his toilet which was rather used as a storage room in the tiny shop.

On the way back to the car, we did get wet again in a thunderstorm. The rain lasted the entire night.

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