End of Via Appia
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End of Via Appia

After the rain had finally stopped, we went to find a bench beyond the city walls of Brindisi to have last night‘s dinner left-overs for breakfast: fried rice balls, dough pockets filled with meat. In this city, it was the first time that baggers approached us asking for money.

During a shower, all our girls sat in the trolley hiding under an umbrella. One driver even stopped blocking the way for quite many other cars just to take a picture of that funny sight =o)

The city offered many Roman columns, vases, statues to look at – by the sea and in free museums. Thanks to the tourist office and many signs, we didn‘t get lost on our sightseeing tour.

The biggest decorated top of a column displaying mermen and sea gods belonged to the column that marked the end of the most crucial trading route, the Via Appia.

head of column marking end of Via Appia

We even got to watch a wedding in front of one of the main churches. The wedding guests even poured some rice into our girls‘ hand to throw at the freshly married couple.

The road up to our second stop of the day, to Potenza‘s Old Town, was so steep that we needed all 5 of us at the front of the car to put more pressure on the tires and make them grip better. With this true team work, our heavy car made it up the mountain *yeah*

Alan even managed to squeeze our bus in a narrow parking slot. But then we had to wait for almost an hour until the heavy rain slowed down.

In the city, we got into another heavy shower but after that at merely 17 degrees or so, we still enjoyed frozen yoghurt with blueberries and lemon crips.

Alan had found a wine shop where we wanted to buy some presents. The woman was so kind and tremendously patient in explaining to us the different sorts of wine and choosing the right mix although we didn‘t speak Italian and she didn‘t speak another language.

For the region around Potenza, apparently black wine (very dark red) is typical. Our girls were allowed to help her wrap the bottles and we all got a big piece of chocolate in the end.

Dinner, we had at a small but apparently very popular restaurant. In no time, they put the dishes we had ordered on the table: lamb, calf, pasta with wild boar, antipasti, mashed potato with spinach. The dried tomatoes were very special – crunchy like chips, sour and sweet at the same time.

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