Ship convoy
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Ship convoy

So many boats ahead of us

Today, we went in a scheduled convoy with six other boats to Töreboda. After the beautiful Lake Viken, by Tåtorp, we went down in a lock for the first time. So far, we had always been raised. Erna and Magda used the time to dress up ;oP

lake warriors on fish hunt

When we had to wait for all the boats to arrive (so the upcoming bridges would only have to open once) the girls dug out their treasure that they had earned in the fortress of Karlsborg. They were excited to find a gemstone!

We all enjoyed the playground evening after such a long boating day! Right next to the playground, some crazy Swedish jumped off a bridge – just like we have seen it so often along the canal.

swing for wheelchair users – or a whole family ;oP
great invention!
„Land in sight!”

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