The power of water
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The power of water

Today, we went on a very short boat ride to Forsvik. There, we followed the train track from the harbour to the industry museum. There, we learned about Forsvik‘s industrial history, which is representative for the entire Sweden. Some of the buildings we visited date back to medieval times.

It was the power of water that people used by building a dam and that laid the foundation for 600 years of industrial development, involving the production of flour, paper as well as iron, machinery, and boats.

Watching a documentation in a classic movie theatre
Dinner is about done!

We visited a wood pulp mill, a smithy, a foundry… The highlight was watching the grain mill in action. It used to be powered by two water wheels. Now, the mill stone was rotated using a motor.

grain turns into flour
a big sack of freshly ground flour

To cool us off and for our dinner grill-out, we found a very nice beach by lake Viken. Both girls swam a little with their pool noodles and enjoyed hopping into shallow water with Papa. We even found some big and fruity blueberries =oD

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