4 kilos of candy
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4 kilos of candy

The first lock of the day was between 2 bridges in Norsholm. We didn’t use our lines to secure our boat; instead, we held on to lines attached to the rock wall.

When crossing Lake Roxen, we and our boat were flooded with tiny flies/lice *nasty* On the shore, we then had two great little helpers in the lock staircase in Berg. Erna and Magda helped us carry and hook our lines on in the six locks in a row that elevated us by 19 metres =o)

The girls had fun running up and down the lock hills.
Magda went on a photographer tour and brought back some nice images *wow*

We were very happy with our docking spot – close to the facilities, the lake on one side, sheep and fields on the other side, and very quiet. The water was so clean and warm that Alan enjoyed a long after-dinner swim :oD

taken by Magda
aqueduct: the canal forms a water bridge over a road

Today, we walked along the canal to Ljungsbro. There, we had breakfast by a water fountain while dipping our feet into water *very pleasant*

has become very rare: swallow tail

We went to the shop of the candy factory Cloetta to get some boxes of chocolate, gummibears, and liquorice. Well, we ended up with 4(!!!) kg of candy ;oD

We spent the afternoon on our bathing platform. First, it costed the big girls quite some effort to get into water but then they wanted to go for one swimming round after the other with their swimming vests and pool noodles =o)

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