10 miles, 10 locks
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10 miles, 10 locks

everybody is helping

On our way to Norsholm, we went through 10 locks and 7 bridges. Magda helped shortening the foreline by winching as the boat was raised in the locks. Erna entertained Wilma – great team work!

bridge opening

In a double lock one person stays on land to carry the lines to the next lock. After our boat had reached land level in the first lock, Magda and Erna got off to help me with the lines. They enjoyed their job a lot! They had actually played sailing and locking last night ;oP

In Norsholm, there was no nice city to visit. Instead, we found an apple tree whose delicious fruits made us work as a very good team again: I pointed out ripe apples, Alan loosened them with a boat hook, Magda and Erna collected them.

Since there was no tourist info, we were happy to be told about a nearby beach by the lock guard. The water temperature was perfect to cool us off and for the kids to play with the provided (!!!) toys.

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