Verdon Gorge – Tunnel du Baou
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Verdon Gorge – Tunnel du Baou

Today, we wanted to explore another part of the Verdon Gorge and River by foot. We had spent the night right at the trail head. So we already hopped down the natural rock staircase to the river before anybody else arrived. Not until the was back, we met a few other hikers.

We enjoyed this exclusive experience of the French nature highlights already yesterday with only a handful of people by ‘Lac de Sainte Croix’. It made up for freezing hands and missing out on great bathing weather. That’s what you get when you visit during off-season ;oD

After a refreshing face wash, we hiked directly next to the river until we got up a metal staircase to follow the river on an elevated trail.

At the beginning of the tunnel that was built for mining stone, there were still some windows. They allowed us some amazing views on the gorge.

Then it got dark – very dark! *scary* We were all following our one little flash light to avoid mud puddles, rocks, and poop *nasty*

Far down in the tunnel, there was a puddle that was too large to cross it without getting our shoes wet. Alan still wanted to find the tunnel’s exit and find out if there was an alternative route. We waited for him at the entrance. Alan found a trail around the tunnel. It was not too dangerous for the kids; so we came along.

After a break on another natural staircase/plateau, we turned around. Just then the sun made its way into the gorge. We were relieved to feel some warmth =o)

On the way back, we saw some professional gorge hiker. She attached herself with a hook to zip lines and swung herself over the river or hopped along the rocks *wow*

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