Verdon Gorge – Pont du Galetas
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Verdon Gorge – Pont du Galetas

For the night, we parked the car in a small city by Verdon Lake. The next morning, we drove to a large access area by ‘Pont du Galetas’ that we had checked out the previous day. By the time we had our family paddle board (including food supplies ;o) ready for take off, the sun was out to warm us nicely.

Alan and I paddled and the girls played a bit with water, sitting on the board’s edge. At least Erna was tied to the board with her harness. Of course, despite rain pants, they wet their regular clothes. Luckily, we were able to dry them in the sun =oD

Pont du Galetas

The sun really made our first paddle experience priceless! We were already amazed by the high cliffs towering left and right of us. But the different kinds of blue that the sunshine revealed from the water were absolutely stunning!

At a small muddy peninsula, we had our enjoyable lunch break. The kids were busy playing with mud. They still had to were shoes because of the pointy rocks under the mud. It wasn’t that easy to clean the soles from the thick crust without wetting the shoes too much.

The way back was more exhausting and chilly because the sun was hidden behind the cliffs and the wind came directly from the front. We were astonished to see a single man whooshing by on his paddle board, not wearing any shirt *wow*

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