Zion – Angel’s Landing
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Zion – Angel’s Landing

Luckily, we could refill our propane tank. This morning it was hard to prepare our cereal on the twisty road :-/

We were even more lucky: There were several campsites available in Zion. It was already 1 am when we took a shuttle bus to Angel’s Landing trailhead.

Oh man, this is the mountain we intended to conquer. Not recommended for people with fear of heights.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is just waiting around the corner

When we started the hike the weather was still overcast. I don’t even want to imagine how strenuous the steep switchbacks would have been under the sun, although they were paved.

Climbing on narrow paths over rock and root steps – this was the greatest fun; yet climbing up brought me close to my limit. I felt dizzy.

We rewarded ourselves with a nice long snack break :oD

On the hike up, we kept meeting a guy from San Diego, now living in Florida. At the top he said: “Oh, there’s my Pasadena couple!” *funny*

As opposed to another hiker, we had brought enough water. We were happy to help him.

It was a fairly boring hike on pavement to the Emerald Pools. The pools were quite nice but way too crowded.

A campmate gave us some advice where to clean our bodies. So we got into the Virgin River, but only up to our knees. The water was too cold and muddy. Luckily, we could use a faucet close by the river.

After dinner we walked Supar along the Virgin river. Watching stars and listening to the river made the walk very pleasant and special. Besides, we were listening to fairly good music from our crank radio. Only drawback: We collected even more mosquito bites ;oP

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