Buckskin Canyon
, written:

Buckskin Canyon

aka “Mudskin Canyon” ;oP

We first stopped at the Buckskin Gulch Trail. After hiking over plain grass land for some time we met a woman with her daughter. They told us they hadn’t come across anything for about 1 mile. So we decided to turn around as well.

Next, we tried the Wirepass trail head. Here were already more people. Since there were no signs anywhere, we followed a family who lead us through a dried out creek bed.

Only after a tiring walk of about 45 min in the hot sun, we came to an interesting gulch ;oD Here the creek bed was sided by smooth high red rock walls.

And now the true fun part began: The creek bed was not all dried up…

As we made our way through the gulch, the water (or rather mud) level kept rising…

…until we ended up wading through thigh-high muddy water. It was so interesting and a lot of fun to find rocks underneath to step on.

Of course, we carried Supar over the deep puddles. But his paws were covered in a crust of red mud – just like our shoes ;oP

Later, we cleaned ourselves a bit in a restroom of a gas station. For washing Supar and our sneakers, we found a lake close to Kanab. On the way out, we almost got stuck on the sandy road. When trying to get out, we hit the inlet of the propane tank. Will we be able to refill the tank now? It was almost empty *aahhh*

At this night’s rest area we met a girl who was traveling with her brother. She said Zion was her favourite national park. She gave us a map and valuable information for this next destination of ours. Oh, our anticipation was rising!

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