On the way to Norway
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On the way to Norway

Luckily, we didn‘t hit an elk or a reindeer on our night ride. Instead, we experienced a never ending sunset/sunrise in the north. That must have been a mix of sunset in the west and sunrise in the east. Even at two in the morning, there was still twilight like during dusk.

The animals appeared by the road on our morning ride. We saw nine reindeer, including one half-sized albino calf and an even smaller brown one. *amazing*

There were even more cycles on the road, must have been some Sunday race.

At Muddus National Park, the shortest hiking tour option was 13 km.

After having gone on similar hikes, the path through the forest over rocks, roots, up and downhill was a bit too long.

We cheered ourselves up by munching some of the big blueberries that grew all along the way.

Whenever we stopped, we were eaten by mosquitoes.

In the end, we were rewarded with the views on two big water falls, a water melon break and some mushrooms for our next dinner.

After dinner, at least Magda who was sitting at the front saw one reindeer by the road.

The next morning, we came by a small herd of reindeer. Even in a city, we bumped into reindeer, calmly walking on the street.

Eventually, the girls woke up and they got to see and walk around herds with many calves and albinos.

What they had missed because we only saw this kind of animal once when they were still sleeping: A dark brown female moose with a light brown calf crossed our road.

We were lucky to find a stop with a short steep climb to the button of a large water fall. Here, we found some snake skin.

Next, we walked on the sea bed in a fjord during low tide.

In Tromsø, we just walked around the city because we were too late for the aquarium and didn’t want to spend another day here. 

main street ‚Storgata‘
reading snake in the library

We explored a Norwegian grocery store and found out that fresh food is not overly expensive here.

Dinner and after dinner walk to another water fall right at the rest area:

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