3-river city
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3-river city

On the last day of our trip, we explored Regensburg. The arrangement of the city reminded us of Heidelberg: an old stone bridge with a magnificent gate; on one side of the bridge pretty buildings of “Neuenheim”, on the other side beautiful “Altstadt”.

The city’s administration seemed very committed. There were extra portable trash cans everywhere, a monthly list of kids activities, an online map with the city’s Corona test centers, which we wanted to use after coming back to Germany.

Old Stone Bridge

Regensburg is located at the confluence of three rivers: the Danube, Naab, and the Regen River. Obviously, the city’s name derives from the latter.

Old Town Hall

We took a tour through the old town hall, including the dungeon with torture chamber.

Men who committed little crime were put on a stage on the market square, their bodies tied up by a metal ring around their neck. The person’s reputation was ruined. People walking by could curse the law-breakers, spit out throw soft objects on them. The criminals shouldn’t get hurt.


For women, their necks were put in a wooden board, their hands on one line with the head underneath, for up to 3 days.

stretch torture device
carriage canon
calibration scale

People who killed in an accident received death penalty by chopping off the head with a sword. People who murdered, were slowly suffocated on a string.

St. Peter’s Cathedral

In St. Peter‘s cathedral, we discovered faces of demons under statues of holy figures, meaning that good had conquered bad. We also found St. Martin on his horse, splitting his coat with a sword.

The organ of 36 tons hangs from the ceiling and the organ player reaches it via an elevator. The largest pipe is 9 m long, the shortest 7 mm.

It took 600 years to conclude the constructions of the dome (1273-1872).

At last, we visited pieces of the wall of the first settlement – a Roman fort (a legionary camp).

watching a documentary
Porta Praetoria

Our trip was perfectly concluded by live piano music on the Old Stone Bridge, licking ice-cream dessert *wonderful *

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