Emotiones fantastico
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Emotiones fantastico

For our Pentecost trip 2022, we wanted to explore Italy. Stupidly, I forgot my sandals at home and I insisted on going back. So we wasted 3(!!!) hours.

Since we had tickets for the amusement park Gardaland in Italy for the next day, Alan sacrificed his sleeping time for driving.

Thanks to Alan, we arrived before the park opened and could watch the welcome show.

Many rides were only allowedw for our tallest daughter. She and I went on a roller coaster, an air boat ride through a volcano, got spun in Chinese soup bowls.

Everywhere the waiting times were very long. With the other thousands of visitors, we were baked in the sun.

All of us enjoyed riding horses or hot-air balloons on the marry-go-round…

… and train rides.

In the Magic House, the benches we sat on were turned by 360 degrees!

Magic House
On Flying Island

On the Flying Island, we had a great lookout over Lake Garda.

After a frightened start, all three girls enjoyed a water playground with small slides, water cannons and buckets very much.

Often, we didn’t know what the ride was about until we were seated. So we ended up in a haunted under water landscape and a haunted jungle. Although the girls were afraid, they talked about it excitedly on the end and begged to go again.

In the Legoland water park, we enjoyed Italian cities (Venice, Florence, Rome etc.), crocodiles, sea horses, sea shells, sea stars made of tiny Lego pieces lying on an air-filled tire in a swirling pool.

The kids bravely used all water slides. We felt return refreshed after water being splashed on us from everywhere.We loved the ride in the Colorado Boat. Getting wet felt so good in the heat.

We first wanted to spend the night at a rest area on the highway. You pay for each highway which is ok because then you get very nice and clean toilets even special kids toilets for free. However, but the rest areas were simply too noisy.

Alan found a nicely quiet parking lot. The girls found many ants there but also cherries.

They prepared us some yummy dessert.

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Hallo Jenny,
die Mädchen sind echt ganz schön gross geworden, tolle Reise, die ihr da macht, wünsche euch noch viel Spass und interessante Erlebnisse.
LG Hans-Peter

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